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Offering a wide range of government funded and commercial training programmes across a wide range of industries we will be happy to help choose the right course for you.

Our talented and competent staff are available to help and have a wide variety of industry knowledge and skills.

At CMS, we are dedicated to giving the learner a valuable learning experience in which they achieve the goals set out and can progress further in their chosen career

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CMS Vocational Training Ltd offer a wide range of commercial and government funded options

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Health & Fitness, Huddersfield

"During my time at CMS I have become more confident in my abilities as an individual. I have received excellent support and guidance from my key worker who has been there every step.  I have also received great support from the fitness tutors who helped and encouraged me to complete my fitness training.  They provided good assistance throughout the duration of the programme."

Business Admin, Huddersfield

"During my time at CMS staff have been very helpful in helping me develop my skills in acquiring a job.  They also found me a placement suitable to my needs."

Employer: Redwall Estates, Dinnington

"Given that our new apprentice has been such a success we are looking to acquire a second apprentice."

Reception Supervisor, DCLT, Doncaster

"I have enjoyed my meetings with Danielle, they have been very good and i have learnt a lot in the last few months."

College Student, Huddersfield

"When I started FL at CMS I was not very confident and had only just started travelling on my own.  My tutor helped raise my confidence and helped me through my qualifications on this programme.  I have gained knowledge and benefited a lot from this programme.  I have very much enjoyed it."

Foundation Learning, Huddersfield

"I started on the Foundation Learning programme, the course helped me a lot especially with my confidence and independence. We had a review every month so that I could discuss my progress with Bex my key worker. All the staff are very friendly"

Customer Service, Huddersfield

"CMS is a really good training provider.  Their FL programme is really interesting and supportive.  It is a very friendly and safe environment.  You have your own tutor.  Mine was called Bex, she was very supportive and understanding.  I would recommend CMS to a friend.  They were very helpful."

Employability Skills, Batley

"My key worker is very supportive by giving me opportunities to improve.  She is there whenever I need her which is great."

Receptionist, DCLT, Doncaster

"I have enjoyed doing my Customer Service Qualification and found it easy with the help of Danni"

Retail, Batley

"When I first came to CMS I did not have any qualifications.  I achieved my functional skills at Level 1 and also my retail knowledge at Level 1 and 2."

Admin Assistant, Nord Anglia Education

"Thank you for all your support and commitment"

Business Administration, Batley

"Whilst I was at CMS I completed work placement with them.  Through this I gained a lot of office skills and knowledge. I also completed a Level 2 Certificate in Business Administration and Customer Service.  I really enjoyed my time at CMS and gained a lot of experience and help.  My tutor Alison was very supportive."

Catering, Huddersfield

"I came to CMS to try and get some qualifications and try to figure out what I would like to do for a job.  My time learning at CMS has been really good.  I got the qualifications I wanted and I got a job by the end of the course.  All the staff here are kind, encouraging and will help you.  My tutor, Bex, has been a huge help and very supportive while I have been here."

Retail, Huddersfield

"CMS helped me to get my placement by doing qualifications such as English, Customer Service, Retail Knowledge and Personal and Social Development.  My experience at CMS was very understanding.  I would recommend it to my friends and they help you find work in your area of interest."

Warehousing, Batley

"At CMS they have helped me to gain the right skills and confidence to get a job / apprenticeship.  I have been taught how to go to an interview and have had help in producing a strong and professional CV."

Employer: Broadbents, Huddersfield

"We are delighted to say that your training has proven to be different. Your trainers talked to me before they talked to my staff to establish the needs of the company. Your trainers took note of what we needed and then went further by ensuring that my staff had the prerequisite knowledge, ability and desire to achieve what was going to be asked of them. The training was focused on the needs of this company; consequently to complete the training my staff had to become more involved in what we do and more importantly, why we do what we do. As a result of this involvement some of our systems have now changed for the better. In addition, the staff have developed a greater depth of knowledge about our systems, making implementation easier. "

Receptionist, DCLT, Doncaster

"Excellent support from my assessor throughout"

Mrs Crowther
Foundation Learning, Huddersfield

"CMS was recommended to my daughter and myself by connexions. CMS have small classes, caring, extremely helpful and compassionate members of staff. Although my daughters’ course ended, she is still in contact with her key worker which is reassuring"