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19 Sep 17

McKinsey’s 7S Framework – Strategy

Hayden Luke - Fitness Expert Hadyn Luke posted this on Tuesday 19th September 2017


In our overview of McKinsey's 7s Framework we discussed how consultants Tom Peters and Robert H Waterman, from the global management consulting company McKinsey, developed the principles of the 7S model, with three “hard” and four “soft” elements. Today we are focusing on on...
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07 Sep 17

Safeguarding – Gender dysphoria

Hayden Luke - Fitness Expert Hadyn Luke posted this on Thursday 7th September 2017


While we have more open conversations about gender today than in the past, there is still a lot of confusion and misinformation around issues such as gender dysphoria, the subject of this blog. Those working with or responsible for children and young adults who are struggling with their gender iden...
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09 Aug 17

Porters 5 Forces No5 Industry Competitor

Hayden Luke - Fitness Expert Hadyn Luke posted this on Wednesday 9th August 2017


So far we have discussed the key elements of Porter’s Five Forces and focused more closely on the first four: Potential Entrants, Substitutes, Buyer Power and Suppliers. In today’s blog we are investigating the last of Porter’s Five Forces: Industry Competitors. Whatever sector y...
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24 Jul 17

McKinsey's 7S Framework

Hayden Luke - Fitness Expert Hadyn Luke posted this on Monday 24th July 2017


McKinsey’s 7S Framework – the subject of this blog – is a tool that can help companies and other organsations to improve their performance, manage change and plan for the future. Comprising seven interdependent elements, the model can be applied to a whole business or a specific p...
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