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17 Apr 18

Fabricated or Induced Illness

Hayden Luke - Fitness Expert Hadyn Luke posted this on Tuesday 17th April 2018


Fabricating or inducing illness in a child is a rare form of child abuse, which can be difficult to identify and prove. Parents or carers responsible often have complex histories and/or mental health issues. If fabricated or induced illness is suspected, both the child and the parent/carer will req...
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28 Mar 18

AAT Accountancy - Advanced Bookkeeping

Hayden Luke - Fitness Expert Hadyn Luke posted this on Wednesday 28th March 2018


In our latest accountancy blog, you can read about Advanced Bookkeeping. A wide range of jobs will be available to you with qualifications in accountancy and advanced training in this field can enhance your career prospects and earning potential. Who is Advanced Bookkeeping for? This particular q...
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19 Mar 18

Policies - Performance Management

Hayden Luke - Fitness Expert Hadyn Luke posted this on Monday 19th March 2018


As a manager you will have a range of different roles and responsibilities, whatever organisation you work for. These include ongoing managing of the performance of your staff. Well-managed staff are more motivated, more productive and happier in their work. This benefits the company as a whole, as...
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05 Mar 18

How to prevent ‘Accidental Managers’

Hayden Luke - Fitness Expert Hadyn Luke posted this on Monday 5th March 2018


Most of us have to answer to a manager at some point in our working life or perhaps you have been promoted to a managerial level yourself. But as you’ve probably noticed, not all managers are the same. A good manager will support, encourage and motivate their staff. A bad manager will do the ...
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