Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships in West Yorkshire

Team Leading and Management

Team leading


This Apprenticeship can be applied across a broad range of sectors and job roles. Good managers are essential to the success of any business, so the skills gained on this Apprenticeship are transferable and valuable.

The Intermediate Level Team Leading Apprenticeship involves supporting organisational objectives through a wide range of functions, including: monitoring work, giving feedback, briefing teams, supporting team members, resolving problems, procuring supplies, project management and delivering and improving customer service.

The Advanced Level Management Apprenticeship will develop your skills to include planning, allocating and monitoring the work of a team, supporting team members, managing conflict, resolving problems, project management, agreeing budgets and managing customer service.

Finally, progress to the top by achieving a Higher Apprenticeship in Management. At this level you will be informing strategic decision making, managing budgets, planning and implementing change, leading teams and managing programmes of complimentary projects.



Entry Requirements

Learners should be employed for 30+ hours per week in a Team Leading environment and should be undertaking work which satisfies that criteria of the qualification.

Maths, English and ICT at GCSE A*-C, Level 2 Functional skills or Level 2 Key Skills are not required but if held, will exempt the learner from these elements of the Apprenticeship framework.


Course Structure

The new combined Diploma in Team Leading and Management includes:

  • Knowledge of the vocational area
  • Competency in the vocational area
  • Personal Learning and Thinking skills
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities

If applicable, learners will also work towards:

  • Level 1/2 Functional Skills in English
  • Level 1/2 Functional Skills in Maths
  • Level 1/2 Functional Skills in ICT

Assessment Methods

Assessment for the Diploma in Team Leading and Management will take place in the work environment.

An assigned assessor will visit the learner once a month for 1-2 hours in order to assess competency and knowledge in the vocational area. 

Online tests may need to be completed if the learner is working towards Maths, English and ICT qualifications.

E-Learning will be completed to work towards Personal Learning and Thinking Skills, Employee Rights and Responsibilities and any Maths, English or ICT required.

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